Dr Mattia Pellegrini

Europe is leading the world in forming impactful strategies, regulations and programs transforming the design, recovery, recycled content and economics of plastics and priority sectors. This will influence all countries including Australia and raises questions on how Australian businesses and governments act now.

Dr Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit, Circular Economy from Waste to Resources, European Commission discusses with Helen Millicer, GAICD, Churchill Fellow, the status of EU Targets, Strategies, bans, levies, success, failures and new measures that will impact Australian industry sectors, consumers and exports.

Dr Pellegrini speaks quickly to his slides and so to assist people absorb all the information, a transcript of his presentation is below the YouTube link. This is also available from the SPE Conference website. 

Note: This presentation was pre-recorded with Helen Millicer, Guest Conference Program Curator.
Run time 26 min