Dr Mattia Pellegrini, European Commission presents to Conference of Society of Plastics Engineers Aust-NZ, Nov 2022

Dr Mattia Pellegrini Europe is leading the world in forming impactful strategies, regulations and programs transforming the design, recovery, recycled content and economics of plastics and priority sectors. This will influence all countries including Australia and raises questions on how Australian businesses and governments act now. Dr Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit, [...]

Sustainability Leadership by Accord

5 minute read In this article, I’m highlighting an example of progressive sustainability leadership by one of Australia’s key industry associations. Based in Sydney, Accord is the association for the hygiene, personal care and specialty products sector. This covers a vast array of everyday consumer goods, such as cosmetics, toiletries, household cleaning products. The association [...]

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Inspiring real action – Associations acting for sustainability – Part 1

My recent article on opportunities for associations highlights the key role they can play in cutting emissions and reducing impact of climate change. Now I’ve identified actions taken by Australian associations – large and small. The series is designed to inspire and cajole all associations to lift their game with real actions for clear impact, now. Readers [...]

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