Australian Government releases report recommending structural improvements for circular, low emission products

This ground-breaking national Report has just been released by the Australian Government. This seminal project makes 10 recommendations for Australia’s future. It was developed through investigation of international leading nations’ circular economy strategies, levers and incentives, and in consultation with Australian industry and government leaders. This report commissioned by the Australian Government is the [...]

Dr Mattia Pellegrini, European Commission presents to Conference of Society of Plastics Engineers Aust-NZ, Nov 2022

Dr Mattia Pellegrini Europe is leading the world in forming impactful strategies, regulations and programs transforming the design, recovery, recycled content and economics of plastics and priority sectors. This will influence all countries including Australia and raises questions on how Australian businesses and governments act now. Dr Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit, [...]

Interview with Alexandre Dangis, MD and Founder European Plastics Converters

(‘converters’ are manufacturers who make finished or semi-finished products, such as parts for vacuum cleaners, sometimes on behalf of brand owners) Alexandre Dangis is another key strategist and influencer in Europe and until 2018 was also the MD of Plastics Recycler’s Europe. He makes some astonishing revelations on the fact that the EU plastics recyclers [...]

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Interview with Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit, Circular Economy Strategy, European Commission (EUC)

Hugo Schally is a seasoned negotiator of policies that deliver results. With colleagues in governments and industry he has helped steer Europe to be a world leader on Circular Economy policies, strategies, regulations, targets and effective measures. From introducing the EU Ecolabel for products, to bans on bags and straws, it has been a long [...]

AEB Amsterdam Waste to Energy Incinerator and van Werven Plastics Recycler

The best way to understand is to see, hear and smell – to really be there. On Thursday as part of my Churchill Trust fellowship we had tours and meetings with managers of both AEB Amsterdam Waste to Energy Incinerator and van Werven Plastics Recycler. Incinerators exist in The Netherlands because the country has closed [...]

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