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MediaArticle Date
Monash Business School Alumni Community feature - 'Helen Millicer - Cultivating a brighter future'July 2023
Why the federal government will export tens of thousands tonnes of plastic waste - an interview with Radio 3AW Melbourne's Tom Elliott18 May 2023
Helen Millicer Media Release: Circular Economy Design Report_Mar2023

Report on DCCEEW website
16 Mar 2023
Is recycling worth it? | Courtney Facts | ABC News (10 min) 26 Dec 2022
Recycling plastics requires changes that are drastic10 Nov 2022
Thought Capital presented by Michael Pascoe - Moving towards a circular economy3 Aug 2022
A future without greenwashing - Analysis and commentary by Helen Millicer8 Jul 2022
Tasmania is getting a container refund scheme. Here's how it will work.9 Apr 2022
The West Australian opinion article: We must change the future of farming, and use our organic ‘waste’14 Feb 2022
10 resolutions to start a revolution - Sunday Herald Sun - Opinion by Helen Millicer2 Jan 2022
PKN Podcast News Ep41 - Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Helen on the fundamental changes required in Australia to meet the 2025 plastics packaging targets.29 Sep 2021
Eliminating waste and reimagining products through the circular economy - An Interview with Hilary Harper, host of Life Matters, ABC Radio National15 Sep 2021
Time for associations to step up on climate change22 Jun 2021
Why Australia Needs Refineries And Plastics Manufacturers For A Circular Plastics Future10 June 2021
Celebrating Australian Made – Recycled Plastics Are A New Frontier For Innovation28 May 2021
D-Day for plastics is coming24 May 2021
Ageing Fearlessly Podcast - Easy Ways to Live and Love Your Planet4 Jul 2020
My DELWP team's successful policy - Victoria's Plastic Bag Ban - has been rated as one of Australia's best public policy initiatives by both Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and Per Capita Australia19 Nov 2019
National panel of experts speaking on circular economy and plastics at the first national Sustainability Seminar for the Australian Food and Grocery Council27 June 2019
ABC Radio Sunday Afternoon Program host Catherine Zengerer interviews Helen about her Churchill Scholarship trip to Europe and SE Asia, on her observations for a more circular economy and more sustainable future with plastics 2 Dec 2018
How China's plastic ban has Southeast Asia scrambling for solutions12 Sep 2018
Jon Faine hosts a Conversation Hour forum outlining the latest technologies in driverless and electric vehicles and the impact they'll have on Melbourne (1hr)2 July 2018
China waste ban - What a load of rubbish by Graham Lloyd, The Australian7 May 2018
Recycling and incineration surprises in the Netherland7 May 2018
Interview with Samantha Donovan, AM Program: Waste to energy projects may discourage recycling28 Apr 2018
Recycling industry in crisis - can it be fixed?3 Mar 2018
Interview with Samantha Donovan, AM Program: Victorian recycling crisis prompts calls for change (3 min)10 Feb 2018
The end of recycling? Why Australia is at crisis point6 Feb 2018
Addicted to cheap trash – the roots of our recycling crisis1 Feb 2018
Churchill Fellows to search for new waste and recycling ideas3 Oct 2017
Electric vehicles for Australia11 Aug 2017
Reset the dial on landfill food and organic 'waste'7 Jul 2017
Waste to energy - fact and fiction19 May 2017
Getting from a linear to a circular econony23 Mar 2017
Vinyl Council banner recycling
2 Nov 2016