Interview with Monika Romanska, Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (representing all packaging, no durables)

  Monika Romanska is a pan-European expert on the myriad of packaging collections and scope of EPR schemes in EU and UK. She has impressive knowledge of different packaging formats and the challenges of EPR and container deposit schemes (CDS), and variable pricing for different packaging according to cost/complexity of reprocessing. We discuss the fundamental [...]

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Interview with Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit, Circular Economy Strategy, European Commission (EUC)

Hugo Schally is a seasoned negotiator of policies that deliver results. With colleagues in governments and industry he has helped steer Europe to be a world leader on Circular Economy policies, strategies, regulations, targets and effective measures. From introducing the EU Ecolabel for products, to bans on bags and straws, it has been a long [...]

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