UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures – Connecting our Climate and Circular Futures Masterclass series:

Climate and Organics: From farm, factory and plate, and back to soil
Online Wednesday 7 September

Our next Masterclass is on Wednesday 7 September – Climate and Organics: From Farm to Plate to Soil.

Improvements are increasingly urgently required and we all have a part to play to lead the way forward. Climate impacts are increasingly severe, Australia is failing to meet its own targets for organics diversion and there is a strong likelihood that Australia will finally sign up to the Methane Pledge at COP 27 in November. There is much to be gained, solutions abound, and this masterclass will workshop ways to progress forward at national, state and local levels.

About the speakers

Dr Jane Gilbert

Jane has extensive experience in organic recycling systems, standards, certifications and industry schemes, soil health and waste management, packaging and clinical waste.

Jane is highly qualified and globally recognised consultant with 25 years in organics recycling and author of technical articles on organics, recycling and compost. Her qualifications include MBA, degree in microbiology and PhD in biochemistry. Jane is the former CEO of UK Composting Association, co-founder of EU Compost Network and currently Chair of International Solid Waste Association’s Biological Treatment Working Group.

Helen Millicer

Helen is an expert in industry and government programs, policy and governance, delivering systemic change for circular economy and climate change, and industry transformation.

Helen’s credentials include Grad Dip Business, AICD Company Directors, circular economy and plastics Churchill scholarship and Certificate in Carbon Accounting. She is author of publications for Australian Packaging Covenant on compostable packaging, recycled content and articles for industry journals on plastics, greenwashing and climate change. Helen is currently consulting to the Australian Food and Grocery Council on a plastic stewardship scheme and the Australian Government on levers for sustainable product design, a co-founder of ClimateWise Associations, and a member of the inaugural Tasmanian Government’s Waste and Resource Recovery Board.

Dr Melita Jazbec

Dr Melita Jazbec specialises in resource, energy and water futures via waste strategies, action plans for local governments and private companies. She is expert in modelling and analysis, business case development and targets. She developed a paper for Water Services Association of Australia on Transitioning the water industry with the circular economy, where options of managing organics in a circular economy are explored. Melita was also part of the organising committee for the Organix19 Summit which brought together stakeholders from the whole organics supply chain and guided them via a two-day workshop developing transition pathways to circular economy. Melita’s current clients include Sydney Water and precinct developers.

Melita’s background in chemical engineering and PhD in fundamental chemical kinetics of the pollutants in the combustion systems including computational fluid dynamic modelling bring unique expertise to the resources management, energy and water when developing practical circular economy solutions. Melita is a member of Circular Australia Infrastructure taskforce.

Dr Damien Giurco

Professor Damien Giurco has worked collaboratively with governments and industry spanning minerals, water, waste and energy sectors on strategy, modelling, policy, and circular economy issues. Damien has spoken widely across these fields and published over 150 technical reports and articles. Damien is a Director of the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence and recent member of the Expert Reference Group for the NSW 20 year Waste Strategy.

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